The significant activities of the COGEF Trading Lda (CTL) consist of trading and distribution of consumer goods in Mozambique. In response to the ever increasing demand for international brands, CTL established itself as the pioneer in trading of the imported goods segment. Currently, the company supplies to more than 200 wholesale and retail stores with imported food products. In just one decade, thousands of retail and wholesale stores have been sourcing through CTL, which accentuates its superior service and quality in distribution network.

Being one of the oldest and largest distribution and wholesale companies in Mozambique, CTL offers a variety of products that are suitable and appealing to all consumer segments. Nestle, Colgate Palmolive, Tiger Brand, Fevicol and Ceres are some of the many notable brands, traded by the company.

With 47 distributors,across 36 countries in the African continent, CTL faces stiff competition and their success is derived from painstaking and noteworthy efforts. The company has consecutively won the “Best Overall Growth Award” prized by Colgate Palmolive in the period between 2012 and 2013.

Of all companies in the COGEF Group, the CTL has the largest team, comprising of over 1600 employees across the country. The team is valued for its experience, tenacity, customer focus and great service, enabling the company to provide quality products to their customers at a reasonable price. CTL has been playing a key role in Mozambique, contributing to improve the national economy by being a major source of employment, a reliable source of food supplies and quality products. CTL offers quality products at affordable prices, hence bridging the gap between low income population. CTL is focused in providing the highest quality within its own products range, while working under a strict ethical framework. Having the ability to deliver exceptional, outstanding results, through operational and financial aspects, has catapulted CTL’s plans for expansion.

Company Contact:
AV. 25 de Setembro, 2041 Bairo Central, Maputo MOZAMBIQUE
+258 21 328 518
+258 21 328 517
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