About Us

Since beginning, Mr. Rizwan Adatia (Chairman, COGEF Group) surrounded himself with kind of people who had big ideas and have disciplines of getting things done in real life. COGEF Group has elevated and been guided by leaders like these, who constantly inspire us to achieve the next level of success.

COGEF has humble beginning of a retail-wholesale chain in grocery business. Founded in year 1986, the Group has flourished into a global conglomerate, serving millions of consumers. At present, COGEF Group has businesses ranging from convenience stores to large scale manufacturing industries, including construction, import and export trading, as well as retail. With 35 ‘Cash & Carry’ supermarkets, over 190 retail-wholesale shops, 4 manufacturing units and more than 3,500 employees COGEF today has shown resilience and tenacity across all segments of its business.

Established in the D.R. Congo (DRC) by Mr. Ashiq Adatia, elder brother of the present Chairman, Mr Rizwan Adatia, the group began its expansion in year 1993 and today COGEF, has operations across 9 African countries, with headquarters located in Mozambique. With strong presence in Africa, COGEF is now a thriving, multinational conglomerate with ambitious plans for growth.

COGEF Group in Mozambique:
In year 2004, COGEF started its operations in Mozambique during a time when the country was facing profound political, social and financial strife. With it’s modest beginnings as a local company, the team at COGEF worked hard to transform the company into a leading FMCG Group in Southern and Eastern Africa. The Group’s successful track record is a testimony for the tenacity and its aspirations to become a respected business house in the region.

COGEF Group has 3 main business lines;
a) Imports, wholesale, distribution and trading;
b) Manufacturing; and
c) Sales outlets.

To manufacture and market consistently high-quality products that reflect local consumer tastes and demands, and which meet the firm’s ethics and sustainability standards.

To operate as the market leader in Mozambique, including provision of consumers with household goods at the best price-quality ratio, creating and sustaining quality jobs, and contributing toward quality-of-life improvements for all. For each line, the Group operates under different brand names.